logo_zpsolyuiv3bAs any of us with school aged children can attest, math can be a really tough subject to teach, especially when you need to switch programs. Oftentimes you have to guess based on your child’s grade, but is fourth grade in one program the same as fourth grade in another? Some fourth graders are ready for pre-algebra while others are still working on basic multiplication. I’m sure many of us have purchased something, only to find that it is not on the correct level for our child. A+ Interactive Math has created an Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan that can target your child’s learning gaps and create a custom learning experience for you. Fourth grader Big Boy and I recently had the chance to review this program.

The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan is a three month program specifically designed to help your child work on their weaker math points. The whole program is web-based, so you can use it where you have internet access. You set up both a parent and student account. From the parent account, you are able to view your student(s), review their tests and progress reports, view their lesson plans, and change their grade level. From the student account, your child can take their adaptive tests, review their progress, and view their lesson plans.

placement_testing_w_lesson_plan_zpsqodm7qgeTo begin the program, your child takes a series of short (like ten minute) quizzes on grade level math concepts. For fourth grade, Big Boy had 17 concepts to test on, including addition, division, decimals, graphs, and money. The point of this is for your student to not waste time reviewing concepts they’ve already mastered. If they pass the test at grade level, they will not be assigned lessons on that concept. For their weaker areas, lesson plans will be available on their dashboard.

The lesson is a short video on the concept. The video thoroughly explains the concept and works through a few sample problems. Afterwards, the student can access online worksheets to help reinforce what they have learned. When they have completed the concept, they retake the short test. You will be able to view their progress in their reports.

This particular program is not meant to be a full, stand-alone curriculum. It is meant as a short-term helper to get make sure your child is on grade level and help give them extra practice in the areas they need it. Because Big Boy is not the lover of math I am, I like to use this product on its own rather than in conjunction with his regular math. It is a great product to use through the summer while you’re on summer break. The lessons are short but informative and fun.

I think what I appreciate most from this program is that you can change your grade level at any time in your three month subscription. I started Big Boy at fourth grade because that’s what his regular math is, but we quickly discovered he was overwhelmed by it (like I said, he’s not a math person). We were able to switch him to third grade very easily, and will be able to switch back to fourth once he feels more comfortable and has mastered all of those concepts. I also really like that we don’t have to waste time on areas that are already mastered, which can be boring for the kids.

Right now, A+ Interactive Math is offering a great sale in conjunction with the Review Crew reviews. You can get this program for 40% off the regular price! Also, visit their site to try out their free Math Placement Test and free Family Math packages.

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