IMG_6525I. Love. Money. I don’t mean that in a Scrooge McDuck kind of way, where I spend my days stacking my gold coins (though it’s possible that if I had gold coins, I would do that). I mean, I understand money in a way most things don’t make sense to me. I unexpectedly found myself pursuing a business degree in college. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d like business or be good at it, but turns out I did and was.

I spent years thinking business, and specifically entrepreneurship, was either a) boring or b) scary. If life hadn’t taken me on a journey that left me with no other college options, I never would have known how fun and awesome running your own business can be. Now, I can’t really imagine any other option for myself.

It’s important to me that the next generation, my own children as well as those around me, understand the importance of small business and step into adulthood with the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful. That’s why I am a huge supporter of Lemonade Day.

Lemonade Day is a national program that teaches children how to run their own business, specifically a lemonade stand. Through first hand experience children learn the basics of planning, marketing, selling, and so much more! When you register, you gain access to “Lemonopolis,” a web-based curriculum that is fun and interactive. Lemonopolis offers little lessons and quizzes, and when your child completes certain levels they can earn a prize. The lessons walk children through the steps of starting and running their business, and introduce them to business vocabulary.

Children are encouraged to make a business plan and think about how they want to spend, save, and share their profits. My boys will be giving 10% of their earnings to Indy Humane (because Big Boy loves dogs) and another 10% to School on Wheels (because Little Man wants to help local children in need). I love watching their excitement as they plan where their money will go. It’s a new world to see my children research charities and choose which will be the best fit for each of them.

You can set up your stand in your neighborhood, ask a local business if you may set up there, or check the site for some other options. My boys’ stand was chosen to be one of the ten to set up at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! So, if you happen to be at the track on Qualifications Day, be sure to stop by Speedy Lemonade and say hi!

Though May 16 is quickly approaching, you still have time to join in the fun! The Indianapolis Public Libraries have a few workshops left on building your stand and making lemonade. Also, this Saturday, May 9, you can head to White River State Park to enter the best tasting lemonade and best stand contests!  Register now for this really fun and educational event!

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