Christmas Comes to AmericaI love unit studies, and one of my fears with using a pre-planned, five day per week curriculum was that we would lose our time to delve into fun and fascinating subjects that weren’t on the pre-approved list. Turns out Homeschool Legacy felt my concern and offers a product to help me, and so many like me, out. Once-a-Week Unit Studies are designed with busy homeschool families in mind. Yes, that’s right, a unit study that is made with the express intention of being used once per week. For the purpose of this review, we were given the 4-week unit study, Christmas Comes to America.

The first thing I noticed about Christmas Comes to America is how EASY it is for me! All the planning is done. It offers me lists of books, movies, and music we might want to include in our study, along with their Dewey decimal system call numbers! The lessons are laid out with many subjects covered and activities to go along with your learning. I was amazed, the work is literally all done for you. All I had to do was put the books on hold from the library and engage in the activity. Speaking of books, there are multiple book suggestions for each lesson so you can decide which will work best for your family. The Christmas unit can be appropriate for children all the way from grades 2-12 just based on which books you choose.

Christmas Comes to America focuses on other countries’ holiday traditions and how those influenced the way we celebrate in America today. In the four weeks you will explore The Dutch, the English, the Germans, and end on America. You will cover reading, Bible study, history, culture, geography, art, and so much more each week. I loved the amount of giving that is incorporated, as children learn to make gifts and are encouraged to think about others. This is so important to me during the holiday season, as my kids have been known to be hit by a case of “the gimmes” pretty hard during the month of December.

Because we reviewed this in May rather than December, we were unable to complete a lot of the activities and suggested field trips that the book offers. I can’t wait to revisit the unit again in December when we will be able to use it to its fullest. For now, we have had a lot of fun learning about other cultures and how the traditions from the old world have transformed into our own traditions now.

Christmas Comes to America is available in both digital download and paperback formats. I liked having the digital format. I mostly viewed it on my computer in PDF form. There were only a few pages that I needed to print out, as most of it is just lesson plans, not really worksheets or anything like that.

Another interesting aspect of the Once-a-Week unit studies is that they were made with Boy Scouts in mind. My children are not Boy Scouts, and I don’t feel like there was anything that was exclusively for Boy Scouts, so don’t worry if yours aren’t either. This program works for all homeschoolers. However, if you do happen to have a boy scout or American Heritage Girl, Once-a-Week unit studies was made to help fulfill their badge requirements. You can learn more about that in the book.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time with this book and, as I said before, are looking forward to revisiting it in December. It takes very little planning from the parent side and offers a lot of information and fun activities. I love the options it gives you for what books you choose and that it offers many extra choices to extend your lessons.

Homeschool Legacy Review
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