Children hike on a forested trail in Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

You’ve probably heard a little bit about President Obama’s A Kid in Every Park initiative. What it boils down to is, kids just aren’t getting out into nature enough anymore. By allowing all fourth graders across the nation free access to national parks, not only is this program getting kids back into nature, which is healthier, it’s also hoping to establish a relationship between the kids and the parks, so as they grow older they will appreciate all the amazing things the American land has to offer.

We’ve heard about the program for a while, but FINALLY it is live! You and your fourth grader can go online and sign up for your free Pass good at all “federal parks, lands, and waters.” Signup is really easy. You confirm that you have a fourth grader, answer a couple of questions about what you’d like to see with your pass, then you print out your pass! It’s good from now until the end of August, 2016. For a limited time, many national parks will exchange your paper pass for a plastic one, which will be easier to carry and less likely to be destroyed.

If you have a fourth grader, or fourth grade equivalent, get your pass now!

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