About a month ago, my children killed their computer. They clicked something they shouldn’t have and put a nice little virus on it, the likes of which I’ve never witnessed before. OK, I’m probably being a tad dramatic, but their computer has become a sensitive little flower since the very first “click here” was clicked. This is a big problem for me, as I rely on the school computer for little things like, oh, I dunno, TEACHING MATH. Lucky for me, I was recently given an Individual Membership to Super Teacher Worksheets for the purpose of a review. I had not quite decided how I would use my membership, until the boys so conveniently destroyed their main source of math lessons.

d696d156-24b6-443d-a501-58fa86c7523b_zps7hffbghkSuper Teacher Worksheets is a website devoted to printables for elementary school teachers and homeschoolers. They offer more than 10,000 (yes, TEN THOUSAND) printables on all your main subjects for the elementary grades. You can find Phonics, Grammar, Handwriting, Social Studies, Science, and Math, just to name a few. In addition to regular worksheets, they also have printable games and mini-books. There’s also a worksheet generator so you can customize your printables to exactly what you need. For instance, you can input your own spelling word list into a word search or create your own quizzes on a subject your child is studying right now.

Honestly, my first thought when I looked at the Super Teacher Worksheets site was, “wow!” I know, not the most helpful thought, but it’s true! I’ve seen other sources for worksheets before, but nothing like this. First, it is so well organized that even I couldn’t be confused. Along the side it largely lists every subject. Under the subject, you will find a list of links for everything that might include. An easy example is Spelling. The header says, “Spelling,” then under that are links to each grade, from First through Fifth. Clicking on the grade you’d like then takes you to a full list of all the worksheets available in that subject.

d553c44a-afb9-4fe6-9188-35559de3d1c6_zpsjghfzotkOur main use for this site has been to supplement our math, since they do not currently have access to their usual computer programs. The site offers math worksheets on everything from Odd & Even numbers all the way to Basic Algebra, so it wasn’t hard to find things to fit my two boys in second and fourth grade. For my Big Boy, I decided to start with some multiplication. What I really like about this site is the variety. Not only could we work on basic multiplication facts and multiplying double digits, we could also choose from a large variety of multiplication tables drills, working all the way up to 15! If you need some really advanced worksheets, I even saw one on multiplying integers.

Little Man is a little more challenging. He doesn’t like to be bored, but he also doesn’t want anything that seems “too hard.” For him I chose not to focus on one area of math, but give him a wide variety. Some days we worked on addition and subtraction, others on measurement, and still others we revisited time and money. I really, really like the site’s search options. I was able to use their Common Core (I know) search to look up what, exactly, a second grader needs to know in math. This gave me a place to start looking when searching for the worksheets that would best suit Little Man’s abilities and interests.

789a41c7-3f09-42ee-9476-d57fa03b6b61_zps9h9lmdffIn addition to using it for math, we found a lot of great uses for this site. Between travel, appointments, and outside classes it’s been really hard lately to find a lot of time to devote to “book learning.” In order to keep the kids entertained and engaged in learning while we’re in the car or at a meeting, I create a little packet of fun worksheets for them. They both love brain teasers, Big Boy enjoys learning new facts, and Little Man likes really engaging things like word searches and cut-and-paste. All of these things I was able to find quickly and easily from Super Teacher Worksheets.

As a reviewer, I have to make an effort to use things as much as possible in order to give you a full impression, but the big question I ask myself when it’s time to write the review is, “am I going to use this now that I’m no longer obligated?” The answer for Super Teacher Worksheets is a resounding YES. I don’t consider us “the worksheet type,” but I love having them to supplement all the other learning we do. Super Teacher Worksheets offers so many great choices for us and it is all so easy to use, I never have to look elsewhere. I really appreciate the variety and organization it offers me.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review
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