HS ResolutionsI’ll admit it, I make New Year’s resolutions. I know, I know. If you really want to make a change, you don’t need a new year to do it. But there’s something about that new number on the calendar that feels like a fresh start. And honestly, I get my only time off of the year in December, which gives me some much-needed time of introspection. I have a feeling 2016 will be a year of change for us. Many new possibilities are on the horizon, and I think it’s time I bust out the trusty old notebook and make a list of the ways I can make the most of those possibilities. So, consider this my first list of 2016 (even though it’s a couple of days early).

Steph’s Official 2016 Homeschool Resolutions

  1. Start with Steph. Like most of us moms, I put myself last. The kids, the husband, even the dog come before me. But, like so many other books and blogs will tell you, you can’t give and give and never replenish yourself. You run out. This year I intend to take care of myself. It doesn’t have to be huge things, just little things like… paint my toenails. Put on makeup. Buy a new pair of fun socks. Take time to read for fun every day.
  2. Organize, Organize, Organize. Oh my goodness. I feel like we have gotten out of every good habit we ever had because we are so disorganized. The schoolroom feels oppressive because there is just so much stuff in no particular order. We don’t accomplish much with our days because we just sort of float from one thing to another. Of course I’m not a huge fan of regimented homeschool, but at the same time many of our days are wasted because we have absolutely no flow. It’s unfair to myself and to the kids.
  3. Simplify. This goes back to the oppressive schoolroom. Our house is full of things we don’t need or use and, often, our outside schedules feel the same. This year I want to focus on the things that are important and let go of the rest.
  4. Read Together. As my boys get older, we read aloud less and less. This year I want to focus on having that time together and always be reading a great story.
  5. Play Together. Again, as my boys get older and can entertain themselves better, I find myself taking advantage of that to do my own thing. But the years are passing too quickly and I want to enjoy the time I have left with them. That doesn’t mean I plan on playing Monopoly with Little Man every single time he asks (I would never get anything else done), but it does mean I will suck up my distaste for Monopoly and play it with him a reasonable amount of time, while he still wants me to play.

Little changes can add up to so much, especially when kids are involved. I don’t plan on overhauling my whole life and expecting changes to stick (spoiler alert: that doesn’t work). But if we can slowly integrate positive intentions into our days, maybe we have a chance at making our lives better. I’m not sure, but I think it’s worth a try.

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