myON for HoosiersFor 2016, all Indiana students and their families now have access to over 5,000 (and counting) e-books via myON Books. This is part of the Indiana Department of Education’s Hoosier Family of Readers initiative. All of the information you need can be found at IDOE’s website, but basically here’s how it works:

Sign in with the information provided on IDOE’s site (you do not need to give any personal information). The school name is “Hoosier Family of Readers.” Login and password are both read (case sensitive).

You can read the books on your computer right on the website. Some books give you the option for it to read to you, others do not. There is also a free app you can download. Students can download up to twenty books for offline reading on the app.

There are books available for all ages, from preschool through high school. There are fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels. Of the five thousand titles, about 70% are nonfiction. From my personal browsing, it looks like the majority of books are geared towards elementary ages, though that could just be because that’s what draws my attention. You can search by grade or reading level.

The site is pretty easy to use. It is made for kids to be able to search and access books on their own, so it hasn’t given me too many troubles yet. 🙂


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