It’s summer! One of the most fun things the hubs and I did last summer was attend Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Monon Mixer. What’s a Monon Mixer, you ask? It’s a 21 and over night at the Waterpark, complete with live music, concessions, and local wine and beer. This year, soda will be available free for designated drivers.

During the Mixer, cabanas are available first come, first serve. There are two different sizes, 8×8 and 12×12, and normally these cost anywhere from $19 to $99 to rent, depending on day, time, and size. They were gone fast so I definitely recommend getting there early for the next Mixer to stake out your claim. But don’t worry, there’s tons of places to sit. From lounge chairs by the pool to picnic tables to laying out a blanket in a grassy area. The cabana is nice because you get a fan, speaker to hook up your own music, and a nice table and chairs. When you rent the cabana you also get to take advantage of a drink cooler and private locker.

pic by Jenny Lear from

pic by Jenny Lear from

Last year, we had so much fun. Without kids, everyone at the Waterpark is really calm and happy to be there. No one was in a hurry and everyone just wanted to enjoy the evening. We laughed and floated down the lazy river with new friends. We sat in the cabana and sipped beer. We watched other people bodysurf down the FlowRider (because I am not brave enough to try doing it myself).

If you haven’t yet experienced The Waterpark at the Monon Community Center, you might be surprised to learn how many cool things they offer.

flowriderThe FlowRider: I was trying to find a proper definition for this thing, because I don’t feel I’m going to do it justice. The best I can find is from the waiver, which refers to it as a “sheet wave surfing attraction.” This thing is really cool. It has a thin layer of water, not enough to swim in, just enough to balance a surfboard on, that shoots the water uphill. You can either bodyboard or surf standing up on it. I was too intimidated to try it, but you should. If you do, send me a picture. You’ll officially be added to my list of heroes.

The Wall: a climbing wall that goes above the water. No need for a harness on this thing, when you lose your footing or decide you’re tired of climbing, just let go and land in the pool below.

WallWater slides: Two adventure slides that twist and turn, plus one plunge slide that drops you pretty much straight down into the pool.

Activity pool: This zero-depth pool includes water volleyball along with other fun activities (like those water sprayers my kids always like to stand under).

The Lazy River: the aforementioned object of my affection. This is 1/8 mile of pure calm floating on an inner tube.

There really is something for everyone at The Waterpark, from the most water-phobic like me to the most adventurous. It’s also fun to just sip some wine and hang out with your friends or date and enjoy the ambiance.

Monon Mixers for 2016 will take place on June 16 and July 14, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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