NotebookingPagesIn the past six years of homeschooling, I’ve found that the one thing that consistently works for us is a good unit study. All three of us, my two boys (now ages *almost* nine and *almost* eleven) and I, love to delve really deep into whatever subject strikes our fancy. I’m really, really good at doing research and finding the best books to help us learn all about something, but writing or other hands-on activities? Not so much. At least not since they graduated from preschool level “here’s a themed cut and paste activity!” Because my kids don’t exactly get excited for early phonics worksheets with a theme anymore, I decided to check out to see if they could offer me some age appropriate help. I received a Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership for the purpose of this review. is a website that offers printable PDFs on a large variety of subjects to help enhance your homeschool learning. The Lifetime Membership gives you access to every product on the website, as well as any new products to come. Now, we’re talking THOUSANDS of pages here. The Membership Center makes it really easy to access all of them and download right from one area. I can just scroll through all the subjects and decide what I want.
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Now, what IS notebooking? Maybe some of you know, but personally I assumed it was advanced level lapbooking. Not quite. Notebooking is similar to writing a journal about the subject you are learning about. offers themed notebook pages with space for your child to write in-depth about their learning experiences as well as space to draw diagrams, charts, or sketches. Having printable pages to match the theme of your subject helps your notebook look professional and fun. The pictures used on the pages look nicer than some of the more clip-art style you may find online or create yourself, making it nice to use for all children from elementary age through high school.

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

With so many themes— from artist studies to states and countries to animals to history— it was difficult to decide where we wanted to begin our journey. Normally I would have just searched for whatever subject we are immersed in, but because we’ve been so focused on summertime extracurriculars, we didn’t have a subject we were already in the middle of. I decided to try out the astronomy set, because that is something my boys are always interested in. There are pages for all of the planets in our solar system plus the sun and Earth’s moon. There are many different pages to choose from within each of these, depending on what size lines you need, if you want space for drawing a picture, and if you’d like art on the page.

My Big Boy is almost eleven, and he’s hitting an age where he is getting more eloquent and better at writing. For him, many of the pages we chose to print had more space for writing and less for drawing. My almost nine year old Little Man is the opposite. He can write a few sentences, but he’s not ready for entire essays on his learning yet. For him, we printed more pages that offer larger spaces for drawing. He drew pictures to illustrate the things he learned, then used the writing space to caption the pictures.

If your children enjoy writing, or if your family does a lot of in-depth subject learning, this is a great way to incorporate language arts into any subject as well as help reinforce and retain the facts learned. offer a quick and easy way to create professional looking notebooks on a huge variety of subjects. There really is something for everyone and so many fun subjects!

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

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