I am such a sucker for dogs. I’m sure you know this about me by now, especially if you follow me on Instagram, where a good amount of my pictures are of my silly dog. That being said, the first time I saw the trailer for A Dog’s Purpose, I bawled my eyes out and knew I had to see it immediately. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you absolutely must. It looks so great. SO. GREAT.

But enough about me and my love of all things dog.

A Dog’s Purpose looks to be a great, family-friendly movie. And Homeschool Movie Club has created a great, FREE curriculum to go along with the movie. You can go to their site now to download the lessons. I just downloaded mine and it looks great. I am really excited to share this with my boys. In four lessons, they cover science, math, geography, history, social studies, creative writing, and more! Each includes not just a lot of facts but also hands-on activities and crafts. If your kids love dogs, you definitely need to check this out. There are activities for younger and older students.

Younger kids might really enjoy making these A Dog’s Purpose masks.

I’m looking forward to playing this printable board game with my boys!

In addition to the free curriculum, Homeschool Movie Club is also encouraging homeschoolers to get out there and vote with our dollars, so to speak. January 27, the day A Dog’s Purpose opens nationwide, is Homeschool Movie Club Day. We encourage you, as individual homeschoolers and homeschool groups, to go to the first matinee showing of A Dog’s Purpose at your local theater. Take a picture of your group and share it to¬†Homeschool Movie Club’s Facebook page for a chance to win prizes!

To hear a little more, check out this shout-out from former homeschooler and star of the movie Britt Robertson:

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