ChildrensMuseumHomeschoolDuring the school year, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis offers amazing homeschool classes for kids ages 4 and up. These classes take place on the third Thursday of each month and are offered at a morning and afternoon time, to accommodate as many students as possible. The price is reasonable— usually $4-5 for adults and $8-10 for students— especially for the opportunities it affords. We have gotten up close and personal with bats, met authors and illustrators, and even dissected a crab!

The museum does not list all of their classes on the website at one time, so I will update this post as more dates become available. Do not delay in signing up, these classes have been known to sell out!

August 18: The Future of Space Exploration. 10:00 or 1:00

September 15: Farming for a New Generation. 10:00 or 1:00

October 4: Learning about Bats ** This is a special evening program for homeschoolers and their families!

October 13: Germs and Outbreaks 10:00 or 1:00

November 10: Native Americans 10:00 or 1:00

December 8: Winter Weather ** as of 8/13/16, the calendar has this listed oddly. I will post both links right now, but you might want to hold off on actually registering for this one until it’s got the times & prices fixed. 10:00 or 1:00

February 16: Science under the Big Top 10:00 or 1:00

March 23: H2O Detective 10:00 or 1:00

April 13: Robotics: On Earth and In Space 10:00 or 1:00

May 18: Geology 10:00 or 1:00

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