Coming up on March 6 & 7, you can take advantage of Homeschool Days at the Aquarium! During this time, admission is only $12.99 per person, no minimum required. All Homeschool tickets must be purchased in advance. Homeschool tickets are not available at the front gate.

In addition to discounted admission, you can enhance your visit with these cool opportunities:

Finstitute Classroom Experience

Each class is taught by a WAVE Foundation instructor and classroom tickets are just $4 per guest. Newport Aquarium Admission tickets required. Call 859-815-1423 to register.

All About Penguins (Grades PreK-12) – Class begins promptly at 9:15am. Space is limited.
Meet six of the 18 different species of penguins on site. Learn why penguins are black and white, understand how dedicated they are to their family and realize how many penguins need our help preserving their species and habitat. Expand your students’ experience by using All About Penguins to explain deeper concepts such as adaptation, ecosystems, evolution, conservation and pollution.

Surrounded By Sharks (Grades K-12) – Class begins promptly at 10:15am. Space is limited.
This class with focus on sharks! Learn the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of sharks. Learn what they eat, why they have adapted, where they live – and so much more! Understand that sharks are not as scary or mean as most people think and learn how they achieved this bad boy reputation Expand your students’ understanding by using Serious About Sharks to delve deeper into concepts such as adaptation, ecosystems, evolution, conservation and pollution.

Backstage Animal Experience

Get an inside look at the Aquarium facility and learn what it takes to maintain a one-million gallon environment. Only $5 per person! (Must call 859-815-1423 to book discount).

Penguin Encounter

During the 20-minute encounter, you will talk with one of our our Animal Experience Specialists who handle these adorable birds. $26.99 per person (Must call 859-815-1423 to book discount). **  We did this last year after reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and it was so cool! I might have been more excited than the boys.

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