Where can you meet multiple historical presidents and first ladies, play games, watch movies, do crafts, AND listen to FDR give a speech? Conner Prairie, of course! AND, it’s all free!

Yes, that’s right, this Presidents Day, February 20, 2017, come to Conner Prairie for an amazing celebration. A full day of games, crafts, and activities in honor of (and starring) your favorite presidents. Celebrate George Washington’s birthday, sing along with Lady Liberty, learn about our presidents’ pets and their favorite meals. I think possibly my favorite thing on the list of activities is making a teddy bear with Teddy Roosevelt! Oh. My. Gosh!

There are so many super fun activities, I can’t possibly list them all without driving you crazy, so go check out their page and see the schedule for yourself. This is going to be an amazing day of fun, and the best part, admission is FREE. AND, while you’re there you can purchase a new membership for $20 off and enjoy Conner Prairie for the whole year!

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