One thing that can turn people off of homeschooling before they even begin is cost. It’s true, if you buy all new, all prepackaged curricula, it can get pretty pricey. There are ways around that, like just making up your own lessons. But what if you don’t trust yourself to teach your child everything they need? Or what if you just aren’t that creative? Luckily there are some awesome websites available where people have done all the dirty work for you and all you have to do is stick with them. Here are five of my favorite picks for FREE curriculum.

Note: These all offer full (or close to full) curriculum. I was not looking for simply the best free math or best free phonics, I wanted the whole shebang in one place.

5 Free Homeschool Curricula

  1. Easy Peasy (K-12) Easy Peasy is probably the most well-known of free homeschool curricula. The nice thing about Easy Peasy is it is, like the name says, really easy. You click on your child’s grade and it lays everything out for you for every day.
  2. Core Knowledge (K-5) A work in progress, Core Knowledge provides free PDFs of comprehensive curriculum for elementary school. As of this writing, all Language Arts are available as well as grades 3-5 for history and geography. Science and Math are in the process of being added.
  3. An Old-Fashioned Education (K-11) An Old-Fashioned Education is a Christian, living book-based curriculum. It’s got a lot of structure and uses a lot of resources that are free through public domain. The site does not appear to have been updated in quite a while, but all the lesson plans are still available as of this update (February 2016).
  4. Ambleside Online (K-12) Ambleside Online follows the Charlotte Mason approach. It gives you a full curriculum with week-by-week instructions, and even a printable chart to help you stay on track. It is really detailed. At first glance, it seemed overwhelming to me. But after clicking around it for a while I realize that it is really well laid out. There are great explanations and suggestions throughout the site.
  5. Homeschool College USA (9-12) Homeschool College USA lays out what high schoolers need to get to college (and even be prepared to test out of some classes). This site takes you through what you need to read/ learn through the year, and links you to study guides, lectures, lesson plans, and more, all for free.




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