The third Thursday of each month during the school year are Home School Days at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site! In case you didn’t know, BHPS is one of my favorite places in Indianapolis. I love having such easy access to so much history! Nearly 80% of the items you see on the first two floors actually belonged to and were used by the Harrison family. Oh, the stories! I love the personal connection to the items, and I love how accessible everything is. The staff and volunteers there go out of their way to make it a fun experience for visitors of all ages. They understand that children are the future historians, and getting them interested and involved in our history is what will allow these places and items to thrive in the future.

But, as usual, I digress….

Back to the homeschool classes. On Home School Days, homeschoolers will take part in a class that lasts about an hour. The class includes lots of learning and some hands-on experiences. Mr. Hardig, VP of education at the museum, teaches the classes and he is awesome. After class, the kids will have a partial tour of the museum.

The cost of the class/tour is only $4 per attendee. They are great about teaching to whatever age they have, but my experience is that generally the best age is mid- to upper- elementary. However, my sons first attended as early elementary aged and LOVED it.

Here’s what’s coming up. You can register through their website. Remember, classes won’t run if less than twenty students sign up, so tell all your friends! These classes really are not to be missed.

February 15, 2018- A Pledge is a Promise: The Pledge of Allegiance was written during Harrison’s presidency in 1892. But what is a pledge and what makes this one so special? Students learn that a promise is more than a set of words; it is an intention to do something and a plan for the future. They also learn about the United States Flag as a symbol.

March 15, 2018- Settlers and Surveyors: William Henry Harrison, grandfather of President Benjamin Harrison, was the first Governor of the Indiana Territory during its early settlement. Using a colorful floor map, students learn how the pioneer settlers chose properties for businesses, schools and homes.

April 19, 2018- The Signing: Benjamin Harrison V, great-grandfather of President Harrison, was one of the signers of The Declaration of Independence. Students take a leap backward to 1776, become colonists, and sign The Declaration of Independence with quill pens, which they take home as reminders of their visit to the Presidential home.

May 17, 2018- Coming to America: Ellis Island (1892-1954) was opened during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison. Over 12 million immigrants came through Ellis Island, changing and enriching the American experience forever. Students learn and experience what it meant to be “processed” as an immigrant coming to the land of hope and freedom.



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