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Welcome to Indy Homeschool!  Indy Homeschool is here to provide  an online resource for all the best deals and events Indianapolis has to offer homeschoolers.  Founded in May of 2013, we are still very young in the blogosphere, but we are striving to make improvements every day to be the best we can for you.

My name is Steph and I am the founder of this site.  I have two boys, Big Boy (age 8) and Little Man (age 7).  I also have a husband, a cat, and a dog named Steve Buscemi.  I started this site because I love homeschooling and I love a good deal.  I would hear my friends talk about some cool class their kids took or some great game they played and I’d think, “oh man, why didn’t I know about that??”  So now I am scouring the internet and making the phone calls and trying to find all those great things and put them all in one place.

While obviously I am a homeschooling mama and I live in Indianapolis, I welcome readers from all walks of life.  While a lot of my content is local, a good amount of it can also apply to you no matter where you live.  One of my favorite things is to plan unit studies around popular media, and I love to share those here.  Also, if you are local but not a homeschooler, welcome!   I share very little that is exclusive to homeschoolers.  What I offer is good deals and fun activities for all school age children.  So please join us and take what you can use.

I’m always looking for new activities, events, and products to share with my readers.  If you have a product or local venue, event, or activity you would like me to review, please send your information to me at steph@indyhomeschool.com  You can also use that email to just stop in and say hi.  I love fan mail!  I look forward to hearing from you.

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    i was looking up info about homeschooling my son. this website showed up. i was actually wondering how to go about homeschooling my son.

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    Teresa Winchell

    I LOVE this site!! A friend of mine just sent me the infomation on the Center of Performing Arts in Carmel opening their doors to home schoolers for Sleeping Beauty!! Please let me know how I can receive information posted to this site. Could I please be added to your email list with important updates? We have homeschooled for 11 years and have 3 daughters still at home. Love all these home school opportunities!! Thank you!

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