IN Homeschool Laws

Did you know we live in one of the eleven best states in the country for homeschooling? It’s true! We are not required to give any notice to the state, we are not required to submit any lesson plans or standardized tests, and there are no specific subjects we are required to teach. That said, from the time a child is 7 until 17, they are required to be in school 180 days per year. You are not required by the state to do anything more than mark off school days in a pocket calendar from the dollar store.

Indiana homeschool law resources:

Indiana Dept. of Education.  There is a link on this page to register your homeschool.  This is optional, you are not legally required to register your homeschool with the state.

Home School Legal Defense Association

Though you are not legally required to give the state notice, if you are pulling your child out of a public school you will need to let the school know.   You are not required to tell the school you are homeschooling, you can simply tell them your child is transferring to a private school.  Here is a sample withdrawal letter.


More homeschool advocacy groups in Indiana:

Indiana Foundation for Homeschooling

Indiana Association of Home Educators

Indiana Home Educators Network

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