This Weekend: Great Shopping for a Great Cause at Holiday Mart

When I was a little kid, my grandma was part of a group of women who came together to support each other and their community through meetings, crafts, fundraisers, things of that nature. As a child, I desperately wanted to be part of a community like that when I grew up. Of course, then life happened and I grew up and kind of forgot about the whole thing. Until last […]

REVIEW: Old Testament Learning with GrapeVine Studies

My kids have recently discovered how fun and interesting Bible stories are. With the opening of the Children’s Museum’s Sacred Journeys exhibit, we really began studying different religions and their stories. I’m partial to Old Testament, so when GrapeVine Studies offered us the chance to review one of their products, I guess I probably should have broadened our horizons and gone with the Birth of Jesus, but I couldn’t help […]

Thursdays: Homeschool Adventures

In all the time I’ve been an Indy Homeschooler, this is the first I’ve had the pleasure to announce an ongoing homeschool-specific program at the Indianapolis Public Library!  Thank you, Indy PL and especially Franklin Road Branch! The first and third Thursdays of the month, the Franklin Road branch of the Indianapolis Public Library offers Homeschool Adventures. This hour-long program meets at 1:30 and is geared toward 6-12 year old […]

Kids Helping Kids: UNICEF Kid Power Band

Have you heard about the UNICEF Kid Power Band yet? I have to say, I’m madly in love with this idea. Target has partnered with UNICEF to help solve two big problems: American kids being inactive and kids worldwide being malnourished. The answer? The UNICEF Kid Power Band. Here’s how it works: Kids wear this band, a fitness tracker, around their wrist. The band has a corresponding app that keeps […]