My Indy Homeschool Call for Submissions!

New for 2015! You guys hear about me and my homeschooling ALL. THE. TIME. Now, I want to hear from you! Starting in January, we’ll have a new section of the site called My Indy Homeschool, and it will be devoted to YOU. I want to hear about you and your homeschooling experiences. On the first Monday of every month we will feature a guest post written by one of […]

RECIPE: Lemony White Chocolate Chip Cookies

This blog post has been fifteen years in the making. Many years ago, I found a lemon cookie recipe in the newspaper. It was soft, lemony, and frosted. AND DELICIOUS. I had never had a lemon cookie before that (yes, I lived a sheltered life). Then, within a few years, I lost it. It must have been lost in a move, I don’t know. A few years later I visited […]

REVIEW: Yearly Membership

Have you ever received something you didn’t even know existed, then wondered how you lived without it for so long? That’s how I’m feeling about As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, I have been given a Yearly Membership to, and I already don’t know how I homeschooled without it for so long. OK, that’s probably a little dramatic, but have you been to this site? […]

Festival of Trees at Indiana Historical Society

A hidden gem in Indianapolis is the Indiana Historical Society. This is a low-cost museum filled with interesting things to see and do. I love it all year round, but this holiday season is especially fun. Not only do they have their recreation of the living room from A Christmas Story (it’s an annual tradition for me to whine and beg my children to dress up in the bunny costumes, […]