The Continuing Journey to the 500 Festival

As I shared a couple of weeks ago, I will be participating in the Finish Line 500 Festival 5K on May 3. My plan was to be running (well, slow jogging) at least a mile by now. Ah, plans…. Here’s how the last two weeks have looked: At 21 days until the race: We spent […]



NASA’s Destination Station at Indiana State Museum

Ah, NASA. Maybe it’s growing up in the 80s, when it felt like there was a rocket launch to be witnessed every day, but NASA and space exploration make me feel all warm and fuzzy. So I’m really excited that this spring the Indiana State Museum will be featuring NASA’s Destination Station! Through hands-on activities […]

April 15: Barnes & Noble Homeschool Event

I shared this before, but just in case you missed it I thought I’d share it again with ALL the information. Barnes and Noble’s annual Educator Appreciation Week is coming up and guess who Carmel’s guest speaker is? (hint: ME!) That’s right, I have been offered the opportunity to speak on Tuesday, April 15 at […]


Extra 20% off at Crazy 8!

So, I’ve recently noticed that absolutely NONE of Little Man’s clothes fit.  He grew A LOT over the winter.  I didn’t even notice it happening, I just happened to look at him the other day and realize his pants look like capris.  Luckily I just found out that Crazy 8 (a Gymboree company) is offering […]

April 16: Jameson Camp Homeschool Event

Enjoy a fun, educational day at Jameson Camp! Jameson Camp offers a unique outdoor getaway within the city limits, located just 10 miles from downtown Indy.  With its 100 acres of forests, trails, creeks and meadows the possibilities are endless. A trip to Jameson will allow your group to experience the natural world in a […]



FREE Coffee at McDonald’s!

So, I have a weekend job now.  I have not had a job outside the home in five years, so it’s taking some getting used to.  The worst part is not being able to leisurely get up.  I am NOT a morning person, so having to be somewhere by 9:00 is a challenge for me. […]

Twenty Eight Days

So, I’m going to do a 5K.  Not just any 5K, but the Finish Line 500 Festival 5K.  I’m doing that particular one because I was offered the chance to do the Mini, and as amazing as that sounds, I have no doubt running, or even walking, 13.1 miles in my current state of health […]



April 15: Homeschool Event at Barnes & Noble

I’ve got big news! On April 15, I will be speaking at the Barnes and Noble in Carmel! At 1:00, come see me and hear me talk about my experiences as a home educator, the projects I am currently working on, and other homeschool-related topics. There will even be time at the end for some […]

April 7: Homeschool Day at Air Force Museum

Almost missed this one! April 7 is Home School Day at the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton, OH.  This is totally free and there is no need to register, just show up! There will be four auditorium-style presentations that are geared towards grades 5 and over, but the whole family is encouraged to […]

USAF Museum


April 21: Bradford Woods Homeschool Day

The Spring Home School Program at Bradford Woods is upon us!  It will take place April 21, from 10-3.  Bradford Woods is part of IU and located in Martinsville.  They offer lots of cool, outdoor programs and, from what I’ve heard, the teachers are truly amazing. So the way I’m understanding it, you have the […]