Listening to History with Heirloom Audio: Beric the Briton {Review}

In the past couple of years doing homeschool reviews, one of my favorite companies to work with has been Heirloom Audio Productions. They produce audio adventures based on the stories of G.A. Henty, featuring real historical figures. This month, we had the opportunity to check out Beric the Briton, a story of the Roman invasion of ancient Brittania. Beric the Briton, as with all of Heirloom’s audio adventures, is extremely […]

Teaching Art with ArtAchieve {Review}

During the summer months, one thing my kids really miss is their art class. We’ve been lucky enough to find a great, affordable class during the school year, but it’s been really hard for me to find a good supplement during the summer. If you need a supplement as well, or don’t have access to a great class at all, you might want to check out ArtAchieve. ArtAchieve offers online […]

August 30 & Sept. 13: Homeschool Days at Conner Prairie

On Tuesday, August 30, and Tuesday, September 13, 2016, homeschoolers can enjoy Conner Prairie at the group rate, without needing a group! Take advantage of $5.50 admission for students and free admission for teachers (that’s you). Any extra adults can come along for $8.50. Explore all the fun outdoor activities Conner Prairie has to offer, including 1836 Prairietown, the 1863 Civil War Journey, the nature walk, the new Treetop Outpost, […]

No-Spend Month {July 2016: Week One}

Typically, I’m a pretty frugal person. As the home manager of a one-income household, I’ve had to be. Our current society isn’t really made for two adults and two growing children to live on one salary. That’s OK, we’ve made it work pretty well. I shop sales, we drive old cars, we don’t go on a lot of exotic vacations. When my husband lost his job in January, I went […]