Little Man has been bugging me for a while for an email address. He just turned nine, and he’s at an age where some of his friends are using email, plus he hates that every time something says “enter your email,” he has to use mine. I’m pretty sure right now it has more to do with image than it does actually communicating with anyone, which is why I had […]

October 3: Homeschool Orchard Day at Tuttle Orchards

Apple picking is one of our favorite activities in the fall. Well, it’s one of my favorites, and the boys like to reap the benefits from it so they put up with it. And my very favorite place to go for apple picking is Tuttle Orchards. Not only is that because it’s really close to my house, but they also have knowledgable, friendly staff AND high standards that make their […] {Review}

This year, we have been trying out a few different sites to find the best source of supplemental worksheets for our homeschool. As I’ve previously discussed, my kids and I do a lot of unit studies. I am great at finding books for learning about a subject, but when it comes to reinforcing our learning through worksheets or tests, I have a hard time finding things, especially as my kids […]

Getting Started with French {Review}

I am terrible with foreign languages. I took French for the required two years in high school, but nothing stuck. When my Big Boy was a baby, I tried to take a continuing education course in Russian, but that was even harder. I’m not sure if my brain just has a block on other languages, or if I just lack the attention span required to really dig in to something […]