Family Campout with Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation

My family is not exactly what you’d call “outdoorsy.” I like the IDEA of camping, but the fact is my experience with it is minimal. I bought one of those “instant” tents, in which you basically just have to pull the corners and it sets itself up, and I still had to read the instructions about five times. I don’t know how to light a campfire, I never remember bug […]

Homeschool Programs at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis {2016-17}

During the school year, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis offers amazing homeschool classes for kids ages 4 and up. These classes take place on the third Thursday of each month and are offered at a morning and afternoon time, to accommodate as many students as possible. The price is reasonable— usually $4-5 for adults and $8-10 for students— especially for the opportunities it affords. We have gotten up close and […]

Keeping School Straight with MySchoolYear {Review}

Here in Indiana, we’ve got pretty easy homeschooling requirements. As long as your students are in school for one hundred eighty days, you’re good. When my kids were younger, I really, really appreciated this: record keeping is definitely not my strong point. But as the kids get older, I’d like to find a way to keep better records, both for myself and in case they choose to enter a different […]

Fun for Adults at the Monon Mixer

It’s summer! One of the most fun things the hubs and I did last summer was attend Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Monon Mixer. What’s a Monon Mixer, you ask? It’s a 21 and over night at the Waterpark, complete with live music, concessions, and local wine and beer. This year, soda will be available free for designated drivers. During the Mixer, cabanas are available first come, first serve. There are two different […]