The Best Halloween Books for All Ages

I’m the type of mom who makes sure we have books on every subject to go with every event that could possibly come up. So of course, we’ve been enjoying a few good Halloween books lately to get us in the holiday spirit. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of some of our favorites. We’ve got stuff from all across the board, from picture books to classics, so there’s sure to […]

Nov. 12: Homeschool Flight Adventure Night

A homeschool night at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis! What could be better?! Oh, maybe hanging out with an astronaut! The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will host Homeschool Flight Adventure Night from 5:30-7:30 on November 12. During this time you can hang out with all your homeschooler friends (and make new ones), discover the physics of light, create your own model aircraft, learn from the museum’s Extraordinary Scientist-in-Residence, astronaut Dr. […]

Nov. 7-9: LEGO KidsFest & GIVEAWAY

What is it with kids and LEGOS? I have never met a kid that couldn’t get lost in a pile of LEGOS for at least an hour. Honestly, as a child I couldn’t pass up a box of LEGOS either. You can build your dream house, create animals to go in it, make accessories for whatever pretend world you’re in today (we’ve seen a few sonic screwdrivers and Minecraft creepers in our […]

Thursdays: Homeschool Day at Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

The third Thursday of every month is Home School Day at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. Every month a different theme will be explored. The cost is only $4 per student and for that you get about an hour long class plus a partial tour of the house. The class starts at 1:30 and runs until about 3:00. Themes are: October—Coming to America…(October 16th) November—Native Americans…(November 20th) December—Wooden Soldiers…(December 18th) […]